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Trevor Theimer

Student Counseling Intern
Sam Houston State University
Supervised by Shawna Munson, MA, LPC-S, LMFT-S

Hi, my name is Trevor Theimer and I am a Counseling Student Intern completing my masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Sam Houston State University under the supervision of Shawna Munson, MA, LPC-S, LMFT-S. While studying communication in my undergraduate program, I was struck by the ways that positive, supporting relationships can impact people and was introduced to counseling. I believe we all have the ability to make the changes we want to see happen in our lives, and that counseling is a valuable tool to help us identify the goals and strengths necessary to improve our wellbeing. Everyone has their own story to tell, and counseling provides the safe, judgement-free space to tell it. I am excited to work with and learn from clients of all ages and backgrounds, and hear how your story is impacting you.

Outside of counseling I enjoy being in nature, critiquing movies, making music, and playing board games with loved ones.

Trevor Theimer
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