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Family Counseling

Help heal generational conflicts with Family Counseling

Family counseling is often sought after for many different reasons. Whether there is conflict between parents and adolescent children, conflict between adult family members, or a difficult situation has arisen that requires a helping hand to provide reflective feedback, it is important to understand that each member has a voice, and sometimes they may need help learning to use it with other family members. If you want to feel safe and confident when you pick family counseling in your area, choose Serenity House Counseling PLLC.

At Serenity House Counseling PLLC, I rely on my extensive experience and my willingness to help. I enjoy walking down the path to understanding with your family to help work through the situation. Sessions are focused on positive communication and learning how to successfully navigate disagreements. During my counseling sessions, the family works as a single unit and together we work through the problems.

Premarital counseling is another avenue that is important to engage in when considering family creation. I always suggest premarital counseling even to couples that are doing fine. In my experience, it works as a great way to truly unite the pair before being officially joined. We will discuss your goals, your views, and how to communicate properly with one another. If nothing else, it will strengthen your relationship before you say “I do”.

I have been offering my services since 2008. I have the technical training, real-world experience, and a deep understanding of how humans work. You can trust me to walk this journey with you to find real-time solutions that are best for you.

Visit my website today. See a full list of my services, find out how I can help with your personal goals, and learn more about me. You can start the conversation over the phone, via email, or directly through my site. Great family counseling near you can be found at Serenity House Counseling PLLC.

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