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Military Counseling

Professional Military Counseling Services

You committed your life to service, now let us help you get back to your life. At Serenity House Counseling, PLLC, therapists are available that understand what you've been through and can help you to make tomorrow better than today. When you need professional military counseling services near me that understand your experiences, you need Serenity House Counseling PLLC.

At Serenity House Counseling PLLC, we provide counseling services to military service members, veterans, couples, and their families. Our goal is to help improve the future of people who seek our services. For active and retired military members, we put an effort into understanding you, helping you, and meeting you where you're at. 

Often friends, family, or others around you may not understand the strain of deployments, training, separations, and injuries you might sustain. Additionally, not all injuries are visible. At Serenity House Counseling PLLC, we understand what you might be going through, and the know-how to help. It's an honor to help an American hero work through what’s troubling them. It’s not just lives that are lost during deployment, but also the path to family, stability, and forgiveness.

When you choose Serenity House Counseling PLLC, you are choosing someone who cares. Our staff includes certified counselors who have dedicated many years working with military service members and their families. We work from a real-life perspective to help you, your spouse, and your family understands each other's experiences. Learning how to resolve issues starts with understanding the issues. Serenity House Counseling PLLC is here to help you during this journey.

Visit our Meet our Therapist Page to get to know us, read about the services we offer, and find out how we can help you. Reach out any time via email, directly through our site, or over the phone. For professional military counseling services, consider Serenity House Counseling PLLC.

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