Here at Serenity House Counseling, we want to make sure that therapy is available and affordable to anyone who wants it. Our therapists range in experience from currently completing their Master's level coursework to fully licensed. All therapists are supervised by a state board certified supervisor specially trained in clinical supervision. 


Fee Schedule:


Post-Master's Licensed Associates: Choose your own rate!

Ask yourself, "What you'd like to invest in yourself each week during this process?"

We'd like for you to pick a rate, between $30 and $100, that you can afford consistently.

Fully Licensed Therapists: $100 individual, $125 Couples/Family

Most insurance plans are accepted but availability may be limited by the requested therapist's schedule.

Master's level students and Post-Master's Licensed Associates are currently unable to accept insurance and offer a choose your own rate plan comparable to copayments/coinsurance.

We accept the following insurances (not all therapists are able to accept all insurances):

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