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Bri Foresman

Student Counseling Intern
Lamar University
Supervised by Dr. Shawna Munson, LPC-S, LMFT-S

Hi! My name is Bri Foresman, and I am a Counseling Student Intern from Lamar University, supervised by Dr. Shawna Munson, LPC-S, LMFT-S. 

I graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2009, followed by a Master of Science in Research Psychology in 2012.  In pursuit of my M.S., I studied the social and emotional deficits associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder and individual differences in emotion perception across media.  Following my graduation, I began a career in education and have taught self-contained special education for the past 12 years.  During this time, I have seen the toll trauma, stress, and adversities can have on an individual and the family system.  My time in the classroom has taught me the importance of making connections and shown me the impact feeling heard, valued, and supported can have on an individual’s outcomes.  These realizations are what motivated me to start my journey to becoming a counselor.   


I approach counseling from a client-centered perspective and incorporate elements of cognitive-behavioral and strength-based therapy.  I enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families and am interested in issues such as anxiety, mood disturbances, interpersonal relationships, and family dynamics.  My goals as a counselor are to build a collaborative relationship with my clients and create a safe and nonjudgmental space for them to explore their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and interactions.  I believe people have the ability to solve their own problems and achieve change, they just might need a little help along the way. 


In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and two very spoiled dogs.  I am a very active person and love to be outside!  I like to relax with a good book, catching up on my shows, or spending time in my butterfly garden. 

Bri Foresman
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